ARF&D Law Partners
Matthew McMullen Smith
Backstage @ New York Fashion Week
9 Bean Rows
Mother and Daughter
Richard Mervis Designer
Family Portrait NYC
Autumn on the beach
Visions of Sugarplums
Holland Lodge Masons @ Union Club
Maternity shoot
Portrait of Slam
Andrew and Jasmine, NYC
Designer Portrait
Nancy @ 3G Translate
Faith Series
Opera Singer
Surprise Engagement
Barry Leonard - President
Praying to Herself
Young girl with parasol
Rock Star
Prize Winner
Flower girl

Patrick enjoys creating portraits for a variety of objectives

from professional, corporate, artistic and family gatherings.

Let's create a unique portrait together today!



Designer Portrait

Interior Designer Dennis McAvena photographed for promotion purposes. Image created in Brooklyn workspace by portrait photographer Patrick Mulcahy with a Canon 5D digital camera and an 85mm lens.

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